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Friday, 28 June 2013

Bloomers To That. It's Just Capri Pants

Back in April this year I originally shared on Facebook(see photo below) my mock up of a capri pant design I wanted to produce. There's a lot of these knocking about so I wanted to be a little different, to put my own stamp on them, so to speak. I knew from experience I wanted them to be a slim fit and below the knee to give the most flattering look to the shape of the leg. They needed to be ruffled. Well, I have a small ruffle addiction which I tend to need to nurture here and there ;-) And lace. Lace had to be featured. I just so happen to have a small stock of a gorgeous antique style lace which is the perfect shade of champagne to give a lovely vintage feel to anything. This led to a double ruffle. Now when I say ruffle, this is actually a circular flounce cut from one whole piece of fabric, without seams. This type of flounce reduces the bulk at the top of the 'ruffle' but is full around the bottom with lots of movement. This combined with graduating the flounce from front to back and short to long, goes a long way to emphasising a shapely leg.

So here is the original mock up from April, cute but not quite there

More tweaking of flounces required! So I made them bigger. Eats up the fabric this way, but I think you'll agree, the end result is worth it. I've listed them on Etsy as a made to order item in a choice of fabrics, sizes and with the option to have a standard waistband or a low rise waistband.