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Friday, 22 April 2011

This Weeks Featured Artisan...is me!

Thank you so much to Anne Hopfer of Made For Me By Oaklie, On Fire For Handmade, and Helping Hands Graphic Design for making me this weeks featured Artisan. With it being my moving week it has been a very long, tiring and somewhat stressful time! So what a wonderful surprise to have this to cheer me up. So many lovely people have shared this feature, I hope I have made it around to thanking you all, if not I'm sending you much love and gratitude now.

So here's the lovely feature designed and created by Anne, we're very lucky to have her!

Vaudeville Gypsy is On Fire for Handmade
This weeks Featured Artisan is Vaudeville Gypsy. Vaudeville Gypsy creates jewellery, costume & accessories with Vintage glamour and style. You can find Vaudeville Gypsy on:


  1. What a wonderful thing to make moving time brighter! :) Congrats!

  2. Love your shop and Anne too!