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Saturday, 4 June 2011


Fancy a Freebie? As a thank you to everyone who has shown their support by joining the Vaudeville Gypsy Facebook page and taking it close to 400 I've decided to have a very special giveaway. Join my Facebook page so you can actually choose what I give away!! I've posted a question so Vaudeville Gypsy fans can choose the prize. Once the favourite is chosen we'll have a game of TAG. Only the first 50 people to enter will be able to participate. OK so I'm making you work for it :) but you know I have put a lot of love and hard work into making the prize! You can find more details about the items in my ArtFire Shop: VaudevilleGypsy

Here's a peek at the options for you to choose

Now how is THAT for a super selection?
Full instructions are on my Facebook  page: http://www.facebook.com/VaudevilleGypsyFanPage
So what are you waiting for? :) xox

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