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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Vaudeville Gypsy: Vintage Glamour and Style for 21st Century Vamps

Vintage Glamour and Style for 21st Century Vamps has always been the byline for Vaudeville Gypsy, right from the start. The costume pieces I make contain elements of Vintage Fashion whether it is a design detail or antique embellishment.

This year we really have had a revamp. I have opened up my personal collection of antique clothing and accessories, making a select group of pieces available to purchase. My absolute love is 1920s fashion. My Assuit collection is made up exclusively of antique pieces, but that's a post for another day... I always try to make at least on piece of Assuit available when I can. Included at the moment is a darling 1920s Assuit dress in silvery gold on black brown net. It has such lovely detailing on the hem, which is made of pyramid shapes reflecting the design in the body of the Assuit, dropped waist style with a hip sash.

1920s flapper dress in Assuit

Currently we have some truly unique and beautiful vintage 1920s dresses in the Etsy shop. Several are heavily beaded and embellished beauties. All are in super condition in a variety of sizes. Below is a photo showing a selection of current, past and future items for Etsy.

One of my favourites is this rare 1920s gown with beadwork reflecting the craze for Orientalism as popularised by Paul Poiret. It is heavily beaded in an array of sparkling hues in exoticised patterns. The colours are stunning. This dress is a particularly rare example of a larger size in silk which has survived the ravages of time in excellent condition. The styling is a simple column which allows the exquisite beadwork design to sparkle in all its glory. Original 1920s pieces of this quality make a great investment and represent true value for money.

Rare 1920s Vintage Dress in Silk

We can reserve items on layaway and we will ship Worldwide, just ask for a quote.

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