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Monday, 11 May 2015

1920s Flapper Dress ~ the quintessential style

With 1920s fashion one immediately thinks of the Flapper, The Great Gatsby, Louise Brooks, Zelda Fitzgerald and the Bright Young Things. They defined an era. It was an era of youth and opulence. Wild parties, short skirts, bobbed hair, and dancing. Lots of dancing.

One of our luxurious flapper dresses particularly sums up the era. Sparkling sequins, the finest workmanship, and swirling movement in the patterns and design of the dress. Beautiful bias cut, arched panels provide full swish and flow in the skirt, for dancing away the night. 

Original 1920s Sequin Dress from Vaudeville Gypsy ~ Detail of the scalloped skirt

Detail of the swirling, scroll patterns

More detail of the swirling scroll patterns

Detail of the dipped and scalloped skirt hem

Detail of the geometric Art Deco sequin block patterns

Detail showing the interplay of the scrolling and geometric Art Deco patterns

Light bounces off the sequins with every move

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