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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

This Weeks Featured Artisan

Arrggghh, I'm a little late with keeping up with things at the moment. We're going to be moving in a few weeks so life is taking a hectic turn. Blog posts may be few and far between, or I'll post a few in a short blast of action when I get time!

Anyhow, here is this weeks featured Artisan from On Fire For Handmade. I particularly like her hand knitted work, especially the ponchos. I'm a poncho fan, I freely admit it ;-) She uses a wide variety of yarns including eyelash, ribbon and mosaic, and even a bit of fun fur sometimes, so they are one of a kind!

Are you On Fire for Handmade?  http://onfireforhandmade.com/

This weeks Featured Artisan is Shelly - owner of Handmade Creations by Shelly.
Everything from A-Z... beautiful handmade creations! You can find Shelly at:

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